Floral Print Face Mask, 100% pre-washed cotton, reusable, washable, lightweight, breathable and adjustable! Protection from dust, pollen, etc.

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FME 503
Usually ships in 1-3 business days

Beautiful floral in a block print style. So easy to dress up nicely with these colors. Ready to ship for your work days or social gathering. Black, Brown and Carmel colors decorate this light and breathable 2-layer 100% cotton mask. Our unique prints enable you to coordinate with your outfit and show your personality with style!  Adjustable Elastic ear straps. Shown in large size. Available in all sizes until fabric is gone.  


All Masks are available to purchase with the following Add-ons for an additional charge.

  • 10 Pack PM 2.5 Carbon Filters (+$8.00)
  • Metal Nose Wire (+$2.00)

*Please leave a note when purchasing with what item you would like to add.


- sizing information *note

L–Large, usually for men and women
9.5” Wide x 5.75” Tall

M–Medium, usually for women
8.5” Wide x 5.5” Tall

S-Small, kid size
7.5” - 8” Wide x 4.75” Tall

Extra Large Men’s - 10.5” Wide x 6.25” Tall

*Our masks are a little wider because we allow a little more breathing room in the front curve. Custom sizes available – our Extra-Large Man’s Mask uses a different pattern designed for a man’s face structure.


- special details:

beautifully sewn and top-stitched

100% Cotton Material - prewashed

washable and reusable

2 layers Cotton Material (Pocket for Filter is the Third Layer)

elastic which goes over the ears is fully adjustable. Can be readjusted for the perfect fit, just re-tie and pull elastic into side pockets so knot is completely hidden.

made in the USA!!!


-washing instructions:

We recommend washing before wearing and wash after each time worn.

We also recommend gently washing your mask with soap in the sink or a bowl, rinse, smooth and hang or lay flat to dry. It should be ready to wear again by morning. It’s always helpful to have a couple masks you can alternate from day to day.

Your mask should not need ironing, but if it does - iron it with light steam on the back side. Please be careful that the iron does not touch the ear elastic.


No Returns or Refunds Due to The Current Situation with COVID19

This mask is not considered true PPE and is not as effective as using a medical grade.


-shipping time:

Usually ships 1-3 business days after order is received

Please allow 5 days to ship orders that are customized.


-customer service:

Please email If you have any questions before purchasing and please do not hesitate to email us for any questions or assistance. 
We strive for 100% customer satisfaction with the quality of our goods and delivery services.



If you must wear a mask you might as well be stylish